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New Year, New You

February 9, 2014

Ha! If only. On the plus side though, we are back for another year of rehearsals, performing and competing (it sounds exhausting when I put it like that). As usual it was good to be back and to catch up with what people had been doing over the break. Some of us have come back refreshed, ready for another year, while others have come back for a bit of a break. We’ve also had our usual influx of new people which is always nice. Hopefully we won’t scare them off!

Now we have had a couple of rehearsals already, so you can see I’m doing well with my resolution to get onto things sooner. Having said that, I actually missed the first rehearsal. Which I think is fair enough really as it would have been a rather long trip considering the starting point would have been Singapore. So I can’t really comment on how the rehearsal went but I can bore you all with a slide show picture presentation! (At last count between the people armed with cameras, 2700 photos had been taken. I think it’s safe to say that people may just be turning down our social invites for a little while).

The next couple of rehearsals have gone well – mainly I was impressed that I remembered how to play (I mean, I practised for at least three hours every day. True story). We’ve mostly been practising a few new pieces that can be quite tricky. I think it is safe to say that if things don’t work out in my current job, I could have a promising career in mime. This means I may have to actually practice (shock horror!) and by that, I actually mean more than I already do (there are no shifty eyes around here) or maybe have a nap before band so I stop considering how comfortable an option the floor is.

We have our first concert coming up in a few weeks and in the middle of the year the State Championships and our major concert for the year. Keep an eye out for that!


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One Comment
  1. Georgie permalink

    Seriously Bianca, the floor? – comfortable??
    If you really can’t resist though, I’ll ask the cleaners to make a special effort!
    🙂 Georgie

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